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This is HomeSafe

21st December 2017
Steve Holmes- Director Health, Safety, Security and Assurance

Written by:Steve Holmes- Director Health, Safety, Security and Assurance

Many of you have heard me talk about HomeSafe before - how we need to be more consistent on health and safety. How we need the right tools and techniques and behaviours to drive safety performance to the next level. Why we can’t tolerate injuries in the workplace.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in Plymouth lately, watching and talking with the MRF team as they go through the pilot HomeSafe training and I have to say, they’ve done a really fantastic job. They’ve asked some great questions and identified a number of changes they can make at the site to work more safely. And I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold, next at Hayle, and then at sites across the Group.

Over the coming months you’ll see how HomeSafe is designed to:

  • standardise our approach to health and safety across Pennon; so we only have one way of doing things
  • establish clear and simple processes, procedures and rules that govern how we should all act and work in order to get home safe
  • most importantly change our attitude and behaviours to health and safety, so that we do it responsibly and safely or not at all – regardless of what the task is or who has asked us to do it
  • HomeSafe builds on some of the strong foundations that are already in place and it’s important that it works for everyone. To ensure this, HomeSafe is being developed and designed in partnership with employees from across the Group – including our leadership teams, managers, safety representatives and front line teams.

HomeSafe needs to be accessible to everyone and that’s where this website comes in. You can access this site from any computer, mobile phone or tablet – all you need is the web address. We’ll be updating the content regularly, sharing news about each of the initiatives that we’re rolling out, and giving you a way to ask us questions directly.

And that includes me too – if you have a question about HomeSafe or health and safety at Pennon – drop me an email because it’s right to say that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to make the right decisions and take the correct actions that will keep everyone safe.

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