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Getting ready for the SWW Area 1 Pilot

05th February 2018
Alistair Copland - HSSA Adviser SWW – East

Written by:Alistair Copland - HSSA Adviser SWW – East

After a brief pause to enjoy Christmas and the New Year, the HomeSafe Delivery Team were quickly back in action, as we turned our focus towards the next pilot in SWW Area 1.

We welcomed the opportunity to deliver an abridged version of some of the HomeSafe materials to the delegates on the SWW Managing for Success (M4S) programme. It was short notice, but too good an opportunity to miss to introduce these key people to HomeSafe, and accompany them around Countess Wear STW on a Health & Safety observation exercise. The team really enjoyed themselves, and we hope the delegates did too. Many thanks to Mei Wong for inviting us to take part, and to Ian Ward and his team (Nick, Debbie & Andrew), for showing us around Countess Wear.

Next up, it was back to Plymouth MRF with post-it notes, and sharpies at the ready as the team, supporting consultants HB440, and Andy Tapp spent a long day going through the materials and feedback from the Plymouth pilot. Each part of the programme was reviewed to see what adjustments need to be made to prepare the content for the wider roll out. The team were buoyed by the positive feedback received, and the impact on the Plymouth Team.

The middle of January saw the Delivery Team arrive in West Cornwall to start learning more about the area, sites and teams, which will be the focus of the SWW pilot. It is well known to the SWW members of the team, but it has come as a surprise to the Viridor Manchester contingent that they don’t have a monopoly on rain, and Cornwall often has a horizontal version at this time of year!

Despite the weather, the knowledge, skill and commitment of the local teams has been shining brightly, as has their open, honest and helpful approach. We are really looking forward to developing the next stage of HomeSafe in this spectacular corner of the Pennon business.

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