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HomeSafe eLearning module roll-out

01st May 2018
Steve Holmes - Director Health, Safety, Security and Assurance

Written by:Steve Holmes - Director Health, Safety, Security and Assurance

All Pennon employees will be required to complete four learning modules as part of the roll-out of HomeSafe. 

It’s a great step forward as the training covers the key parts of HomeSafe and is designed to make sure that everyone is clear on their responsibilities when it comes to their safety and the safety others. We are able to offer the training to all employees whether they are office based, non-English speaking or non-IT connected, everyone has been considered and catered for.

The four modules will also become the basis of a safety induction that all new Pennon employees will take when they join, helping to embed HomeSafe as business as usual which I’m really passionate about.

They will be delivered through the same system as the Code of Conduct training; a solution that we know we can trust to be reliable and engaging. The modules will be made available locally for teams who don’t have easy access to the e-learning system.

These modules will compliment the continuing roll-out of HomeSafe to our operational sites. They have been designed to work alongside this in-depth training which takes into consideration the complexity and potential risk in these areas.

The modules at a glance:


If you have a question about these modules or anything to do with HomeSafe or health and safety at Pennon, please do get in touch with me or a member of the team who will be happy to help you.

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