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Making HomeSafe Visible

05th February 2018
Martin Rohland - Brand Project Coordinator

Written by:Martin Rohland - Brand Project Coordinator

I originally joined the Pennon Communications team on a branding project in May 2017– updating all of the site signage across the Group with the new logos. It seemed simple enough, we had lists of all the sites with the addresses...

Little did I know, it was not that simple.

We started auditing South West Water sites, looking at the existing signage and determining what new signs were required. You may have noticed, these sites are in very remote areas and often difficult to find. We had to supply the sign companies with exact map coordinates to make sure the signs went in the right places.

I now have quite an extensive geographical knowledge of the south west of England!

Then we turned our attention to Viridor and Bournemouth Water, each had its own challenges, but the biggest challenge was that now we had the HomeSafe logo. There was a fair amount of redesigning and changing layouts to include it – including on the signs we had already installed!

But it was a good start, and from there I was tasked to produce the HomeSafe Signage Catalogue which will be available on the Hub in April. We created signage standards and guidelines for ordering so that signs will have the same ‘look and feel’ across the Group.

Given my HomeSafe branding expertise, I helped deliver the new HomeSafe PPE which is now available for ordering. And, in the next few weeks you’ll see new ‘three points of contact’ and ‘hold the handrail’ stickers showing up on a site near you – I got to work on that one too.

It’s been an interesting journey (and not just through the country lanes!). I’m really proud of how our signage looks, how we have a consistent appearance at all our sites, and how we’ve been able to include HomeSafe in what we’re doing.

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