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What it takes to get HomeSafe

10th April 2018

Written by:Ian Ousbey - HomeSafe Trainer

As part of our drive to embed HomeSafe into the role of a Supervisor, we recently worked with a specialist consultancy to deliver ‘Supervisor Sorted’ training. The course was delivered over a six day period and covered a range of aspects associated with the role of a Supervisor. Topics included ‘What type of Supervisor am I?’ and ‘Conflict in the workplace’.

The 14 Viridor staff members that attended were initially selected by their managers and arrived with some trepidation about what was to come. However, their initial reservations soon disappeared as they began to enjoy working together and learning about themselves, alongside the importance of incorporating HomeSafe into their working day.

The individual modules were challenging at times, especially when it came down to role play and scenario activities but everyone supported each other to achieve their goals. One particular module stood out : ‘What kind of Supervisor am I?’

For this module each person was allocated a colour based upon a series of questions about themselves which culminated in them being ‘categorised’ as either a:

  • Thinker
  • Director
  • Relator
  • Socialiser

It was definitely an eye opener for many in the room but it quickly allowed them to realise their own characteristics and that of their own team members, which helped to demonstrate how and why conflict may arise.

This activity also appeared to go beyond the classroom setting with many of the group returning the following week with stories of what colour their loved ones at home were. I personally didn’t do that as I am not brave enough (!) but the experience brought home a lot of understanding to the group in how to communicate with people of differing characteristics – something so important in our roles today!

The final day concluded with the attendees presenting back on everything they had learnt – these were all delivered effectively with just a little bit of dubious acting thrown in (you know who you are....) Overall it was really great to hear how informative the course had been and how the attendees were planning to put their new skills into practise for the future.

We received some great feedback following the course; a few of the key themes are highlighted below:

“I didn’t just learn on the course, I had fun and it gave me the opportunity to forge links with other sites that would not have happened otherwise”

“This course was very valuable and taught me a lot – mainly about myself and what I need to do to become a better supervisor. I strongly believe that this should be implemented across the Company at all levels of management from the front-line supervisors all the way up to the Board”

“The HomeSafe section was extremely useful, I have seen much regarding HomeSafe but until now did not realise its full importance and just how useful it really is, it is an incredible tool and I can’t wait to start using it as part of my development and the development of my staff, it is clear cut and superbly presented, well done to all those that have been involved during its creation”

“I would encourage all STLs to take on this training and even for this course to be whittled down so that relevant areas could be delivered to other roles within Operations.”

“Safety as always is our number one priority and I do believe that the HomeSafe programme is one that can be rolled out and seriously grab people’s attention. Its contents are realistic, and I can honestly say from the top down that people are getting on board and supporting this campaign.”

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