Blog (HomeSafe)

Embedding HomeSafe at Ford Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF)

We finished delivering the HomeSafe sessions here at Ford in early October. For those yet to engage in the process, the size of that task should not be underestimated - especially if multiple sessions in several languages are required!


Training the trainer – what managers need to know about rolling out HomeSafe

My name is Edward Sarasketa and I’m the Rochester Plastics Recovery Facility Manager and I’ve been rolling out HomeSafe to my staff.

HomeSafe eLearning module roll-out

All Pennon employees will be required to complete four learning modules as part of the roll-out of HomeSafe. 

What it takes to get HomeSafe

As part of our drive to embed HomeSafe into the role of a Supervisor, we recently worked with a specialist consultancy to deliver ‘Supervisor Sorted’ training. The course was delivered over a six day period and covered a range of aspects associated with the role of a Supervisor. Topics included ‘What type of Supervisor am I?’ and...

Getting ready for the SWW Area 1 Pilot

After a brief pause to enjoy Christmas and the New Year, the HomeSafe Delivery Team were quickly back in action, as we turned our focus towards the next pilot in SWW Area 1.