Assess all risks

Always assess and manage the risks associated with all jobs and tasks. Make sure you get the correct level of risk assessment approval and communicate the control measures to all members of the team.




Check for hazards

Take a minute before starting work to identify and assess all hazards. We are all responsible for our own safety, and regular worksite checks can reduce the risk of trips, slips, falls, fires and dropped objects.

Be mindful of the risks associated with all activities, and risk-assess all tasks you are given. Make sure you obtain a permit when required to do so.


Manage change

If there is any change to operating conditions, personnel or the task, then you must stop and re-assess the risks. Always follow the change management procedure and re-communicate any changes to everyone in the team.

Always manage the risks to people by recognising changes to procedures, processes or equipment and then re-assessing the risks when things do change.