Follow the rules

Rules and procedures are designed to stop you getting hurt at work. Ignoring them is unacceptable. You must comply with all site rules. If anything is unclear, then ask your supervisor or manager.




Start safe. Stay safe

You must be trained and competent to undertake the task. Always turn up fit and ready for work. Wear the correct PPE and make sure it is in good condition. Keep your work area clean and tidy at all times.

Get the safety basics right. Take the time to read and understand the site rules. Make sure you know how to do the job safely.



Report all incidents

If anything goes wrong, if anyone gets hurt, or there’s a near miss, then report it. You must follow the rules, but as a team, we can also learn from incidents and accidents, and make our workplaces safer as a result.

The rules are here to protect us. If someone breaks a rule or has an accident, then report it. We can learn from incidents and near misses to improve the rules.