Take ownership

There are many ways to demonstrate your commitment to HomeSafe. Know what to do if things go wrong, and if you think something is unsafe, report it, and get it sorted.




See it. Sort it

If you see something wrong or broken, don’t just walk by; make sure you stop and get it sorted. It could be the last opportunity that you – or anyone else – will have to stop a serious accident or incident from happening.

You have an active role to play in making sure that HomeSafe is a success. Get involved, be a champion for safety, and intervene if something is not right.


Protect the team

If you believe your safety, or the safety of others, is at risk of being compromised, you must intervene and stop the work. It’s the right thing to do, even if you feel awkward. You will always be supported for taking the right action.

We want to make sure we all get home safe every day. To do that, we need your support. Be observant, protect your team, and suggest improvements to safety.