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Hello and welcome to our new HomeSafe website!

18th December 2017
Mark Mansfield HomeSafe - Delivery Manager

Written by:Mark Mansfield HomeSafe - Delivery Manager

By now you should have heard about HomeSafe – throughout the last year we’ve been working with your manager to schedule briefings, send out posters, and even launch guidelines like the House Rules.

But the big work is just beginning. Over the next year we’re going to bring HomeSafe to your site. Right now we’re trialling the three week programme at Viridor’s Plymouth MRF and South West Water’s Hayle Water Treatment Plant.

The pilot is pretty serious stuff with all kinds of new training for every employee – Andy Tapp, Manager at Plymouth MRF, has written a blog post about it, make sure you check it out!

But this deployment is only part of the picture. There are a number of other HomeSafe work streams that will be delivered over the coming months. Here’s a taste of what’s to come

New visitor processes – in the autumn we launched the House Rules – eight simple things we can all do to keep ourselves and our sites safe. Now we’re changing the way we welcome visitors to our sites, so that they’re aware of the House Rules too.
Site signage– we are standardising health and safety signs across our sites. New guidelines of what signs should look like are being written now and soon your site will receive all new ‘three points of contact’ stickers for stairway handrails, ladders and vehicles.
New HomeSafe branded PPE is now available from our suppliers.
Observations and interventions – as part of the Plymouth MRF trial we’re looking at how we train employees to see and prevent potential problems.
Pennon Incident Management System (PIMS) - we are looking at a new, Group-wide incident management system. We’re just looking at suppliers now, so there will be more information to come on this.
Safety English Testing at Viridor – we’re trialling a new Safety English Test at Ford MRF with plans to roll out English lessons for employees who may need it.
It’s going to be a busy year! I hope that you’ve already found HomeSafe to be helpful in improving health and safety at your site – the materials you’re going to receive this year are going to help you take it much, much further.

If you have any questions about what we’re rolling out, or want to volunteer to help us, please speak to your line manager or drop me an email.

For further information please contact: